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Children with nut Gülveren wants!
04 January 2010 Monday 00:00 Print
"Trabzonspor's official food; Finduk"  with the motto of our stock market players prepared to stand in the audience at the packages are nuts.

Trabzonspor-Fenerbahçe match of images in the television monitor connected to the town of Erzurum Şenkaya the teachers of the children of the village Gülveren Kurultak'a Kamil, "My teacher is nuts?" I ask.
Teacher on top of Kamil media Kurultak'da agencies have obtained this information is at us a message: "Run of the children in my village, most nuts do not recognize. Did not ever eat. My request to you, if you see fit, including 53 students in our schools is to send nuts. "

Ie we hazelnuts produced in Turkey to supply 10 per cent, although 35 percent of trade-nut 40 holds in Trabzon Commodity Exchange as we fulfill the need, not just children, we have sent all the villagers to the nuts.

Our responsibility is installed in the stock market because of nut for many years "Quality Hazelnut Project" together with "Hazelnut Promotion Project" was applied already .. This past year, "Nut Bread Project" was also included.

However, we give our members every year our traditional gift for 2010, where the packets of hazelnut oil and green tea with a different form of support we give.

Request of the children of the village Gülveren nuts, "too, and then produce, we consume less than" adequate introduction for this product, especially in our own internal is also an indication.

The first name that comes to mind in this area Hazelnut Promotion Group to install all the responsibility is not true. Sure enough, the biggest responsibility FTG'ye belongs. However, nuts are engaged with the first significant amount of stock and stock in hand to keep all the TMO institutions and organizations, even with people, even presentation does not require effort to increase consumption?

Absolutely must.

In fact, while these efforts, not to be impatient, patient and long-term studies should be done.
Because the nut is not a necessary consumer goods. But, because of its contribution to health as food is one that everyone should consume.

For this, everyone has implemented the project of Trabzon Commodity Exchange in nuts, such as quality, production and presentation of work-enhancing invite you to spend time and money.

Today the village of Erzurum Gülveren children, tomorrow of Denizli, in Urfa, Edirne, Konya's pantry ..

Not forget: Hazelnut meal is everyone's right ..
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