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The History of Tea
28 August 2009 Friday 00:00 Print
Tea, Camellia Sinensis (L) of the fresh shoots of O. Kuntz plants obtained by different processing methods and the world at the most consumed after water is a food and beverage items.

Tea; of our country in the eastern Black Sea coast (the east at Sarp 'starting from the west' to the river with Arak) economic zone in the Artvin, Rize inside the 10 to 30 km between the changing and Giresun, Ordu province in the region covering the secondary 200-215 kilometers coast lane in places with high economic value of habitat is a plant finds.

Tea cultivation experiments between the years 1888-1892 for the first time from Japan, brought tea seeds with Bursa were also. In that year, he defined green tea grown in Bursa required for planting in our ecological conditions, there are no successful results of this experiment and effort have not been taken. Ali Rıza ERTEN in 1917 with the Eastern Black Sea Region Caucasus in his study tours during the Batumi and around tea, citrus and bamboo is grown taking into account, Rize and around the tea plant can grow a report has revealed. In 1924, Law No. 407 on this, which was made out of tea in Rize Province upbringing with regard Borçka accident. Agricultural Affairs has been appointed General Manager of mind DEEP.
In our country, the first effective initiatives in the tea-rearing and 50 tons in 1937, started to plant the seeds of the tea plantations has been accelerated. In 1938, the first year of production of tea products was carried out to obtain the dry tea. Issued in 1940 with Law No. 3788 has been able to secure çaycılık, Rize in 1947 the first tea factory was established in.

Previously maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture tea farming-related activities in the economic sphere in 1950, production started after a while agriculture has been by the Ministry of Agriculture, age, buying tea and dry tea production and marketing of the Ministry of Customs and Monopoly have been conducted. No. 440 of State Economic Institutions and partnerships will be based on laws issued in 1971 with Law No. 1497 established the General Directorate of Tea Association of Agricultural, Manufacturing and Marketing to undertake all the activities included in 1973 actually began working. In 1982, Law No. 2929 with the institution was renamed the General Directorate of Tea Business.
Law No. 3092 date December 4, 1984 at the age of the real and legal entities to purchase tea-packing factory and set up businesses and enterprises were granted.

Today our country is still in the field approximately 204 thousand 767 thousand decar tea farming is the manufacturer.

Çaykur belonging to 46, belong to the private sector in the age of the tea processing factory has around 350. Private sector tea factories is producing 200 civarındakiler dry.

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