Executive Board
President of Executive Board

Born in Trabzon in 1961. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Karadeniz Technical University. He has worked in pharmacy sector for a long time. In 2005, he established Birlik Fındık Company together with his partners. He was elected as member of assembly in 2009, and carried out vice president of executive board position. He was elected as President of Executive Board in 2018, and still carries on his duty as President of Executive Board. 

Vice President of Executive Board

Born in Trabzon in 1960. Graduated from Rize Educational Institute. After working as a teacher for a while, he entered hazelnut sector in 1983. He was member of Assembly, and Vice President of Execuitve Board from 1995-2009, and he is still Vice President of Executive Board. 

Vice President of Executive Board

Born in Trabzon in 1974. Graduated from Trabzon High School. He started to work in 1995, and established OF Örnek Tea Factory in 2000. He has been member of TCE Assembly for 2 years, and still is Vice President of TCE Executive Board. 

Treasurer Member of Executive Board

Born in 1989 in Trabzon. Graduated from the Department of Map Technician of Giresun University. He has a master degree on Local Government. He is engaged with hazelnut trade,and still responsible for Treasurer Member of TCE Executive Board. 

Member of Executive Board

Born in Trabzon in 1982. He graduated from high school. He has been engaged with dairy farmd and livestock fattening for 20 years. He is director of Zeytinoğlu Et Company, and he is still member of TCE Executive Board.