Our Mission is;

- to provide a smooth and an efficient services, determined by law, 

- to enhance productivity by implementing research and development, to develop regional product varieties,

- to detect and meet the demands and requests of TCE members, providing 100% member satisfaction, 

- to create a high level member relation by transperant and accountability mechanisms in management, 

- to make high level use of Information Technologies in order to provide efficiency and to enhance productivity,  

- to contribute economic and social recovery of the region by implementing macro projects in collaboration with partners, 

- to create a synergy by gathering NGOs, actors from public and private sectors, and to  implement strategic projects with the aim of improving the competiencies of producers, 

- to carry out all activities, with the understanding of a modern management and within the scope of total quality and corporate management principles. 


Our Vision

By giving every kind of support to its members in terms of competition advantage and institutionalization, it is important to make a sustainable economic and social development, 

In accordance to the role in regional development, Trabzon Commodity Exchange emphasizes;

- to be efficient and leading in determining economic and social policies, 

- to have a crucial share whilst regulating markets, 

- to be a role model for related actors, 

- to represent its members pre-eminently in each and every area, 

- to provide its services according to the necessities and expectations of its members,

- to be respective, reliable and to have a modern managament understanding.