Commodity Exchange In History 

On stock market perspective, we are seen to extend to the medieval fair. Naturally, the major difference between the fair market. Fair to-market, open on a regular basis, stock exchanges set the business hours every day working in the framework.

In fair-market purchases are the subject of the goods are exhibited all the features and charm, buyers will see the goods, fine, and if like the shopping process is completed at that time.

Stock exchange if the goods usually nowhere is shopping, buyers and sellers by features known a certain type and quality on the (Commodity Exchange) or qualities specific, valuable papers on the (Stock Exchange) is often a tool made by will.

The stock trading volume, density and diversity of life development in farklıdır.Ekonomic fair, they have changed completely, in stock, every day is a very large amount has been trading.

Genoese in the present sense a state debt of the is made, made it to borrow salt tax money are being shown, registered shares of stock of the notary public record and hand to hand transfer, and various operations after a visit, these bonds on some credit transactions even made that have revealed. However, trading of securities held in the modern sense first stock exchange, the Amsterdam Borsası'dır. 
Though the spices, some species of fish and tulip bulbs, such as some commodities, overseas trade development, after nearly a standard and making a variety of transactions subject to.But standard type things on these goods purchases over the stock held without action is seen to be able XIX.century end their wait was needed .

In the development of stock market history, stock market transactions through brokers in terms of the officers and it is possible to examine. In the stock market through the function assumed for, a time in another country for commercial purposes a stranger to the protection, get under, and her guide, a foreign prince, is dominant in a country that needed help in any way be fair guides or guides the development, characterized by changing the date referred to have examples.

Previously foreign merchants a protective guide assume the role of these intermediaries, the national security of the country settled and people regulatory protection began commercial operations in the sworn testimony makes the situation had come, and thus transaction you trust the air supply in an important place to keep start.Commercial life evolves, intermediaries, have slowly gained the title of broker and the broker.

Various opinions about the origin of the word stock market advanced by, is derived from Italian and Greek. 

Business Dictionary and the Italian word for Orhan Hançerlioğlu'nun sac means that there are written. Bedri Gürsoy Also The word comes from the Greek: made of leather and leather carrying pouch that is used to describe the meaning.

Regardless of origin, as the meaning of the word, are stored in pouches and coin purses are understood to be about. As mentioned above, the first elements of which are subject to exchange coins, respectively. This is why this coin purse to carry the name of the injured, the timing of this important institution as the name attribute is considered.

The emergence of the source of the world stock market about the process, almost all the works have used the same source. 

This resource is used; XVII-XVIII century economic philosopher who lived in France in 1673, published in Savary'nin Jacques Le Parfait dictionary Negociant is called trade.

Information related to the emergence of the first stock exchange, Savary'ın dictionary is transferred from the following: 

In Belgium, "Bruges'da, name of foreign merchants by Van Der Bourse or Van Der Börse such different ways told a bankers' family varmış.Bu parents' des Bourses' called and arms in the three currencies sac in an inn run.

Medieval been live trading center, one of the Bruges'a the businessmen here toplanırlarmış.Mal and bonds on such transactions medieval fairs earlier in the draft.Fuar time outside or bad weather indoor meetings yapılırdı.Alıcı and sellers meet their places (loca), shopping room or the bourgeois.But Hotel des Bourses'un fame has spread over time and there have been imitated-treated procedures, the stock was placed in the word. "

Bourses in family inns to accommodate merchants, to mediate in commercial transactions, the money should have a great need that has spread quickly, institutions in many parts of Europe were formed.

Exploration results, the major sea routes opening of world trade, the Atlantic coast shift, Antwerp City of importance artırmıştır.1460 Founded in Antwerp Stock Exchange, 1531 growth by completing the perfect has become and international attention gained. 

Following the opening of this market in a short period of time in Amsterdam and Lyon (1530), the commercial life to the service of girmişlerdir.XVI.Yüzyıl exchanges, stock market is a period of significant expansion.

In addition to the existing stock exchanges or new exchanges to be established in Toulouse in 1549 başlanmıştır.Nitekim Stock Exchange, in 1568 Rounen Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange was founded in 1571.

Paris Stock Exchange during the same period in 1724 entering service in Hamburg and Bremen stock exchanges also.Activity is considered to be the world's largest stock exchange in New York Stock Exchange in 1792 took part in commercial life. 

Which is one of the world's major stock exchanges in London, New York, Brussels, Berlin stock markets, stockbroker, and became involved in the development of these important steps have been taken in the field through a stockbroker, so perfect for today's stock markets have received.