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27 March 2012 Tuesday 00:00 Print
Even with the influence of our country with a population of Trabzon, is one of the most important cities.

The geopolitical position of the Caucasus and the Middle East has been in transportation, logistics, facilities, and this puts a city location notable geography.

However, this is limited to the present case, although the characteristics of employment opportunities from Trabzon population migration, unfortunately, cause.

The whole town is laid for the implementation of the dam is the last 750 thousand and Trabzon is this figure only 7 thousand with aşabildiği in the fact that we are faced with very serious problems, we will meet with you. To overcome this problems, representing all segments of society, civil society organizations and public institutions to act together is inevitable.

For this reason, 9 ' uncusunu on March 24, 2012 is "the development of the economy, current Problems and possible solutions, Trabzon Detection Conference".

about 30 attended by representatives from the public and non-governmental organizations, as determined in article 70 of those meetings productive and result will bring to the table issues to be deposited primarily focus on topics in the field and, in particular, each organization has its own, others must contribute. We are moving this policy priority, as Trabzon Commodity, especially nuts and tea, including a variety of food items, in the occupation area, livestock, grain and mamullerine.

The maximum benefit that everyone and every organization, he knows the topic energy expenditure and allocate the best its power can be achieved.

Which is one of the oldest cities of Trabzon, agriculture, trade and tourism, as well as the advantages of developing small-and medium-scale industry with limited, which has sports facilities with large organizations to host about the extent to which socio-economic development in a stable manner.

So what we're going to do for the solution of the problems of Trabzon, the scarce resources in the most efficient way is to show maximum effort and use all together.
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