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27 October 2011 Thursday 00:00 Print
surrounded on 3 sides and also in terms of the internal waters rich in fishing sector to development showed that, although Turkey, does not show.

However, at the beginning of the most useful in terms of human health, food sources, fish and fish products.

Turkey, which has made the scientific foundations of the production facilities worldwide and do not rely on fishing for food, in terms of both employment benefit enough.

At this point, the transaction as a stock exchange (TTB), Trabzon Commerce "before the youth, then increase the fish culture" production in this area by taking the title, as well as employment project.

8-month period it is loaded with information, both theoretical and our enthusiastic 40, both by making their application, we tried to ensure that information is permanent.

The institutions of the European Union of our project by selecting one of the best 2 project on this subject is a sign of how serious we are approaching and importance to verdiğimizin.

We also have specialized in these young people, as well as fishing balıkçılığımızın will contribute to the development of their business, and links to others, as well as to implement the projects have found employment in the field of specialization.

On this occasion, I wished every success to our young people, our project partnership, Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of marine sciences, aquaculture, Sürmene Research Center with iştirakçilerimiz Yomra, Trabzon with Internal Water Products Aqua products cooperative Growers Union.
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