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Prime System İs Ok
23 September 2009 Wednesday 00:00 Print
Hazelnut accept the truth and put into practice in order not to hand the state almost, "forty-forty water from streams are brought." In 1935 when the Economics Minister Celal Bayar's First National Hazelnut there is expressed in the nuts a large part of the problem just by changing the amount today that existed to accept the truth is an expression of our vision. Just look at the production of nuts for years centric, receiver, whether the state's hazelnut production, market, not at the price of buying your own place with the growing problems such as mountain peaks made today.

Fiskobirlik until 2006, 2006 and after the state on behalf of the TMO is intertwined with hazelnut distress cause was instilled in their own media. However, to solve the problem hazelnut was not difficult at all. This 10 years since the formula we apply to the bonus system as we have expressed.

Free-market conditions is to find hazelnuts.Manufacturers are concerned the grievance of the state peasants to support the premium per kilo. Thus the manufacturer will not be a victim, and will create demand in the market price of supply, as well as a large state, so the damage would be freed to come under.

This topic, in a statement that the premium system of scientific meetings, there were also expressed. At first, producers organizations, as if the producers want to eliminate issues such as the perception still found, and of public opinion yanıltı. But between the period from the last show happened and come to the point that the only method to prevent the manufacturer's victimization is a premium system.

Today, manufacturers of institutions traders, exporters, industrialists in the state and relevant authorities on this issue until everyone "Now Apply bonus system" are also. Our expectations, our 2009 product of the state will begin to implement a bonus system in the direction of hazelnuts is.I wish we suggest a time period, ie 10 years ago had started to be implemented in the sector did not get into this mess.

Manufacturer was to be a victim, the state would lose billions of dollars. Exporters and industrialists to be effective in finding new markets, stable prices apply table. Which has been. Now the damage is where the profit is returned from the application and must always be made in 2009 products.

Made unless the manufacturer to the consumer, industrialists from the state to remain at the bottom of everyone. One has the right to do so also.

MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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