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Licensed Warehouse
03 March 2010 Wednesday 00:00 Print
2009 product of the free market nut begins a new strategy to be implemented in terms of how accurate a profile that has been understood in a short time.

Now, we can not abandon this system by making better equipped we must strengthen. This is the way the system is integrated into a licensed warehouse and products with our borsacılık it would be possible.

This is really the request of the road and with the support of the TOBB Trabzon Commodity Exchange as a storage tank is necessary to determine the current situation with regards to work we did.

Karadeniz Technical University, affiliated to the Application and Research Center Issues Hazelnut Tea by cooperating with the investigation and determination in Licensed Warehouse have prepared a report.

This report had contributed to the preparation of the Research Center Director Prof.. Dr. Asim and his friends with Samsun 19 Mayıs University Orem faculty member Assoc. Dr. Addition Mehmet Bozoğlu'nun TMO, and hazelnut-producing provinces would like to thank officials of the Commodity Exchange.

Preparation of the report examined the current storage size of hazelnuts in the desired storage and protection is not sufficient to be understood. Some of those stores that can be used to improve situation in which some of them also must be completely destroyed.

Products for the implementation of the system borsacılık "sine qua non of" The availability of the licensed warehouse at the point we have prepared the report useful estimate. Rather, such or such a healthy way of nuts in the free market system and continue to implement requirements that must be created before the product is licensed stores in 2010. Otherwise, the next process in the hazelnut market are likely to experience serious problems.
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