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Turkey, for years the "mixed economy" is not a specific rule, described the moves, depending on the world enjoy the competitor-not directed in a way unprecedented. Until, in 1983, Turgut Özal, ANAP was alone with the Government. Turgut Ozal, implemented under the name of free market economy in the world economy, export, open system when adapted to the very troubles to Turkey, has encountered a very large resistor. But the basics of this system, though Turkey's future will shoot way stamp. Those who back the Government in the aftermath of the deviations from time to time for Forster judged, free market economy, a process that it is not possible to put aside succeeded. However, development of the movement to bring down Turkey.

The Ak party came to power in 2002 alone, along with the accelerating development of the movement, many areas of the State interventionist, and therefore put aside the concept of arrangements which caused hantallığa consecutively.

In this process, we are a leader in the production and trade in the nut sector regulations, or rather the free market app unfortunately enactment until 2009. in 2009, under the protection of the area, field-based manufacturer was implemented with the support of the market economy, despite some hitches, and left behind a successful initial period, "fumed Moyes.

However, some sections of the current system should encourage the application for supporting the hazelnut-saving policies with arguments, on behalf of the State support to the effort to put the old wrong, as system affects the market negatively heads.

Especially, the formation of a stable market for the hazelnut, this system raises the today's Government, facing the same party and lawmakers and local applications on the basis of politics understand the work of the administrators it is not possible to break down sahiplenmeyerek, second-guessing. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a stable market, and the future is bright for those who want to tear down the wrong nuts sector spends system.

A thriving free-market conditions in the sector, a Minister "Arseholes", some segments of the industry, in the form of representations under suspicion he mind bottling.

We hope, Mr. Prime Minister, that beyanlardan and getting acquainted with the developments.

Increase yield and quality in production, producers of being effective in the market by providing real cooperative under the structures, including the Turkish nuts, particularly exporters of the world rather than the people who sold will leave the words to all of the damage to the industry under suspicion.

Industrialists and exporters, almost like trying to sell low-price foreign markets, nuts, particularly manufacturers, including those using the error statements public the wrong bilgilendirmektedirler.

All records related to the companies, as well as with the trade of hazelnut, Trade Exchanges, and theirs is the exporter. They can also be examined there is no nobody minds. Hardship and sorrow, this review, like creating a monopoly, such as some circles and by sunulmasınadır.

As a result, the nut industry is a system implemented in the world. What needs to be done, not this system, licensed warehouse and product borsacılığı, real kooperatifçiliği to strengthen the supporting more with the manufacturer. This is the ability to export an entire lack of hazelnuts produced in Turkey, will give you the chance.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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