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In the grip of world economic problems a breeze. Turkey is increasing its exports, economic growth continues, the gross national Product of the trillion dollars.

He's this development and growth, first of all, and especially being constantly increased political stability is linked from 2002. In line with the expectations of the people, giving priority to private sector, economic arrangements made, decisions and giving a new priority to the Constitution towards the country's democratisation studies are accepted by all segments of society.

Turkey, which has become an influential outside the country, shows the maximum sensitivity to developments around it. This great country is by being a.

In short, Turkey, caught in the last 10 years is a realistic way to detect problems with acceleration, they put aside the populist policies followed in the past to solve the purpose. There are problems, but we will solve them opportunities of Turkey.

For example, nearly 60 years ago, the trade with the Turkish commercial code, extracted from each phase of the economy is showing a change in the world of large and fast Turkey is too big for the disadvantages of business.

To do this, at the beginning of 2011, issued by the new COMMERCIAL CODE, shall enter into force on July 1, 2012. Parliament in June elections, due to a very fast in 2011, the new law about 4 days so some should be fixed places.

Of these, customs and the Ministry of Commerce in accordance with the opinions of the public meetings of the TOBB, with revisions. Moreover, the implementation of the law and then, at any time. In the process, they can be provided in the required way or omissions as.

Therefore, some of the omissions and errors because of Turkey's 2023, the world's largest economy will contribute to the goal of entering the grow between 10, the new law is positive and thinking positive thoughts about the transaction, we believe that the right choice.

To do this choose hand and solving the problems that we have great opportunities, the Union, Turkey, and bigger goals.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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