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03 June 2011 Friday 00:00 Print
the Republic of Turkey in 1923, 1926, is established in Trabzon Trade Exchange. It's not just our stock exchange almost coeval with the Republic in Trabzon, especially his own, and in countries with stable and successful activities related to the field for a living.

Stability as the country's largest handikabımız, because in nearly every area of the stable, so long and persistent policies uygulayamamamızdır. Unfortunately, this handicap has been dominant in all areas as the economy, education, maker, and worst of all, the country has increasingly aspired to lead the country to the polls to manage the maximum degree of politics was met. It was, because until 2002, let alone even get one-party coalitions, according to the shape of the handle is created from iktidarlarında and policies the country dragged, or even big time even suspended periods of democracy kaoslara.

Since 2002, providing political stability in Turkey, has been instrumental in disposing of the positive steps in other areas. However, many years of losses as soon as possible in order not to easy, many are still about instability.

Trabzon Trade Exchange, experiencing periods of instability, including in areas including economy, particularly nuts about changing administrations, defended the views of almost the same, they are fighting for.

Shared with the public discourse and the stock market looking at the actions of this net. Especially nuts.

Turkey production of internal and external consumption of nuts in the stages prior to the basic philosophy is the same as 50 years almost babaeski commercial exchange is an obvious example of the stability of the opinions and requests.

A free-market world trade conditions in the process, Turkey has in recent years from the application of protectionist policies in a manner so damaging to exporter never was true. We also went against this wrong. But we presented in our recommendations. Today, at this point, the system applied in the industry created by each of us. Because we were in this for many years for towards the effort. We still do. We put out what needs to be done to remedy the system eksiklerinin. In the short term, "hit and run" tactic to avoid a system built further back we are expanding.

Because we know that it is very important to the stability of persistence. In the process, the system will produce, by finding ways to apply the solution to fix failing aspects of.

This understanding of democracy and the country in managing the system, savunduklarımızı de uyarladığınız, the stable growth and Turkey in the near future between the world's largest economy we will see together into 10.

Let's not give up populist policies, patience, and a stable growth.

That's when the future is ours.

Happy anniversary to all of us 85 in babaeski commercial exchange.

MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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