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Trabzon, when it comes to mind, "one of the oldest cities in history".Many civilizations have cradle, for Northern Europe and Asia, linking the Anatolian shores of the bukent, man and nature in a Word is defined as "spectacular".

In Trabzon in Trabzon, in the Ottoman documents, and yearbooks, and human, as well as residential property, and social, cultural and economic differences often depend on them.

One of the important port in the Black Sea cities of property with internal and external trade control elements from the past to the present, especially nuts sector with Trabzon, he frequently mentioned.

This is one of the indicators, the establishment of the stock market in the last period of the Ottoman Empire for.
Of the Ottoman Empire in 1909, this organization deems appropriate, for the life of the Empire Fidelity could not be offered. However, one of the first acts of the young Republic of Turkey June 3, 1926

Trabzon Mercantile establishment has been available here, born in 1926, leaving behind a number of our stock exchange has to date, 85-year-old.No doubt babaeski commercial exchange reached a point today, the importance of past studies and the trade of nuts is too large. Trabzon, a city that generates so much nut, although trade has been a central tops each semester.

Nuts have moved to the top today in the superiority of the trade in the sector is undoubtedly the world's most advanced industrial facilities having greater influence.Trabzon Trade Exchange was also verifies the correct things in the past is today.

The stock market is that 50 years ago, salon sales method with the product borsacılığının how did the right choice of Trabzon be applied. However, in the 1960s to be removed in the next few years, this trade is implemented, it is not possible to understand. Now he is again putting together to strive.

We're not just nuts attached. Once the egg and dry beans traded in the stock market today is wet tea leaves, milk products, fish, cereals and a variety of food items are registered.

But, the principal register our stock exchange, accept as a whole development movement, trade, art, sports, culture, life in every area of society benefit target putting.
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