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Each province should do
09 March 2010 Tuesday 00:00 Print
Trabzonspor fans,  "Trabzon us everywhere .." slogan, this country's view of Trabzon channel reveals.

Indeed, this is. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey as the country where they live and each square must have. This owner, an essential fact to accept democracy, human rights, keeping in place the highest level in all areas of the Republic of Turkey, if we have to move faster development among the developed countries of the world to make it and will enter. For this, everyone must fulfill the responsibilities incumbent.

Trabzon, as well as our country's being one of the active professional organizations, our stock market, especially to nuts, especially in the field busy area in cooperation with all relevant institutions and people to detect problems, solutions sought.

Not only in Trabzon, especially in other provinces including Ontario have participated in the event, the solutions to problems have been in an attempt to call.
This year, all Directors of the Trabzon 4'üncüsü place without disrupting the event in this movement our practice is a part of our style.

Our thoughts and it is our desire that such activities not only in Ankara, the country's and each addition to be organized as an organization that's only the Trabzon should not be. This is also similar to other provinces of the country activities, by organizing in other provinces contributing to our unity and togetherness should.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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