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02 November 2011 Wednesday 00:00 Print
Turkey has created a positive environment between the neighborly relations with Georgia, in recent years, and cooperation in various sectors to show a vast improvement.

Trabzon Commodity, we saw in the last review of the trip to this country with the heyetimizle landscape, Georgia's Turkey's future will place quite often.

From the date of the opening of the Sarp border gate, especially in 1989, a new momentum going-reducing increase, both sides made a positive contribution to joint investments to embark men of business.

Sarp border gate in modern buildings on both sides of the facilitated entry-exits, our observation that we should be a little faster, as Turkey's last trip, especially in the transportation sector is a good gain of gate once again.

Sam entered the gate and just not to this country of trucks through the Georgia Central Asian countries starts up, if there's more down to this sector, should be spending the effort to resolve the problems.

Georgia today is in a very good production of fertile lands can. However, I think it would be like that tomorrow we deceive. Because of the rapid development in every area of our neighbor, our Ambassador in Tbilisi, Mr. Beveridge's expression, the easiest and simplest of all kinds of incentives for foreign capital.

Investments in the tourism sector as a priority, Batumi, provided modern accommodation facilities and dozens of planned with Georgia increased its target. This investment is an important share of the Turkish müteşebbislerinin good condition. However, looking at where we could be competing tomorrow we account to our neighbors, we must invest in the sector. Otherwise, this rapidly growing Georgia tourism, in the future, you can make a negative impact on the Black Sea to the East.

In agriculture, especially in the production of a hazelnut industry in Georgia, increasing us kıpırdanış, although it is likely to be the opponent. However, the rival neighbour Georgia, which measures us, not our stable production and price policy, Valley entertainment-hearts. For that, Turkey, in the hands of the most subtle point of world markets to contain nuts, will sell the whole hazelnuts produced in the target.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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