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04 November 2009 Wednesday 00:00 Print
With the full expression for the word Fiskobirlik "bit where the words" has come.
Founded in 1938, 1964, to support state procurement on behalf of shape functions in the hazelnut industry in the lead up to 2 thousand a Fiskobirlik, after this date, the autonomous capture process captures the benefits of good reviews for failing, since the beginning of the point reached is to be led.

In particular, the benefits arising from the shortfall in 2004 harvest in 2005 and 2006 products with false identification and pricing policies that squander Fiskobirlik managers, today müsebbip term partners of the table.

However, the manufacturer behind Fiskobirlik support and have the benefits of cooperatives with the concept of truth and good reviews, free market economy within the framework of the rules could have made hazelnut trade, today the industry's troubled, but the most effective among agencies could.

Today the point reached in the Fiskobirlik, in recent years can not make choices in elections has drawn the problem. If this general assembly to be used in preference to the same logic, no you will not have to speak for longer Fiskobirlik.

Be done, should be in the general assembly of the co-leadership team knows Fiskobirlik other accounts do not aspire to a task, the intention is to trade in professional composed. Otherwise, things will go from bad to worse.

Fiskobirlik the "sine qua non of" We have expressed from time to time, have been reported. But not much attention to the area. Result the point reached in the middle ta ..
First, Fiskobirlik only with their own business, that is busy with nuts, energy expenditure is required here.
Then, the current cumbersome structure reduced the number of cooperatives, with a minimum staff should be moved to a maximum level of work to do ..
Hazelnut sector, "profit and loss" dilemma operate, taking into account the need to trade for.
How to do the actual co-developed countries has been reviewed in the samples, according to him are going to restructure must be one of the first preference.
In short, Fiskobirlik, past studies whether the errors well, these lessons can be removed, trade and cooperatives, and free market conditions in the professional manner in accordance with task managers can manage to do with the arrival at the steps to salvation.
Otherwise, the current situation will look even wax.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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