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Licensed Warehouse
17 September 2010 Friday 00:00 Print
The past year, implemented the "new strategy" in the previous year, according to the nut has a more stable markets.

400 thousand tons of hazelnut harvest in 2009 because of the product to perform at manufacturer's victims in the first year of a new strategy to be largely prevented. State's "space-based systems to support" and 150 pounds per acre, with a premium to the producers gained, as well as stability in the markets occurred.

Stage, but the choice of the manufacturer support, instead of field-based, should be made based on the product. It is our hope that 2011 will end products based on space-based systems to support then get engaged.

The new strategy is being left behind in the first year, second semester 2010 for the failures of the past to determine whether the expenditure would be required to keep moving. 2009 and 2010 were higher than the manufacturer of the product to the aggrieved not to harvest nuts, the stock market from September to support the premium paid by sending a report to the Prime Minister and the ministers concerned have been requested.

However, in response we have received from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the payments in question as previously described, the next year, which will be announced in 2011.

In this case, the manufacturer and not the victims of the strategy for ensuring stability in the market constitutes an important pillar of licensed warehousing system urgently needs to be activated.
Because some segments of the sector in the market prices do not fall and rise of the market for the manufacturer of the nut should not rush to say downloading. However, how the manufacturer will protect the nuts, they do not mention anything about it will keep.

Method to store the nuts, the disadvantaged and vulnerable producers in primitive conditions hold on the nuts, but
Until the implementation stage, as our stock can be used at the request of TOBB prepare a report for the licensed storage tank system.

As a result, the functioning of the system as a whole and every part of everyone to create ideal conditions for the introduction of the missing elements should be completed urgently. For this, the infrastructure is largely ready.


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