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Hazelnut Scalpel To
23 September 2009 Wednesday 00:00 Print
World leader in every phase of the nuts in the year 2009, the government explained the new strategy and we hope will create a turning point. Because, since 1964 "to support buying on behalf of the state,"  he, hazelnut producers in need of real non-interest policies in many non-pure was the first time.

Production areas and the amount increased continuously, but consumption in the same parallels are not experienced an increase in hazelnut deteriorating supply-demand balance in the problems created by now does not exits, hazelnut sector also had become insoluble.

Break after the last 45 years, a requirement of today's economy that comply with the conditions recently "nuts in the new strategy" was implemented under the name. For manufacturers for years demanded the premium system, although not based products as the area was implemented. Indeed, money needed, and our goal Manufacturers receipt will be supported when the manufacturer's actual prime system should be. Field-based support system, without waiting to be paid to the manufacturer for 2010 for all conditions must be difficult.

Our manufacturer also should fix the missing nuts etc. in the areas of land and 3 years of support to be given must meet the requirements for. Council should not be forgotten: Hazelnut from production to consumption phase is treated as a whole, it may be profitable for anyone and everyone I. This occurs within the conscious manufacturers is the first and most important stage.

Turkey, entered the new strategy and nuts should not return from the path. What is the current government who, nor shall be hereafter, hazelnuts "puzzles board" should not act by turning. According to their real world, free market economy has adapted to the conditions and the manufacturer does not consider the victim with the understanding of a social state hazelnut policies should be implemented steadily. Otherwise, again the chaos, confusion and also means the loss of our country.

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