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"Yes," After Ten!
21 September 2010 Tuesday 00:00 Print

Turkey, 30 years after the "September 12" people lived. However, this time a lot of water has passed under the bridge. In Turkey, the Turkish public has changed a lot.

With nearly 30 years ago today September 12 created the opposite preferences. That choice, today the "good things going on in Turkey for democracy" in the conviction that he should be evaluated.

Especially, 12 September 2010 all the separate comprehensive discussions in spite of the Turkish people gave "yes" decision, democracy, all institutions and rules to function after that travel faster would mean seeing our need to understand.

Already, there is no other chance.

This "Yes" after the body, especially the one who should have custody of the institution of parliament as of Turkey herkesimden, everyone entered the path to democracy in that all must strive to remove obstacles. This required both the individual and of being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey is a question only.

Turkish people in recent years has attained stability, economic development, also considering the "more democracy" for the preference, while discrimination and ethnic separatism and the profession edition with nearly defended the East and Southeast to the people of evil is before the preferences include no longer a benefit not understand the need.

Solving problems with terrorism, but could be more democratic, this method differs from the specific criteria before coming to a compromise with the culture that is necessary for vision.

Turkey, dates from the knowledge and the unity and togetherness, without abandoning terrorism, and to other places to come, something to get people who want to mislead the show, not see if the state as do its part would. This emphasis is already at the highest levels of government are constantly by Remember.

As we stated at the beginning, Turkey has given 12 September, "Yes" with the decision, then opened the front. Above the law, not the rule of law based on democratic arrangements can be made more accurate and faster.

This is done by a consensus of society, including parliament, without a doubt the most accurate and our first preference.
In such a choice we do not have any reason to not merge. So all together a better democracy, more powerful and get together for a Turkey.


MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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