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The stock market, "perfectly organized a Sunday" as it is possible to define in a simple manner.
However, the stock market definition, merchants or commercial business dealing with people at certain times, holidays, except on a day to come together and sometimes the goods without seeing the overall sample pursuant to the goods promptly delivered, without the money paid without trading business to decide on a place, by the state granted established by the state under the control of the commercial relationship facilitation aims to organize a market, or as much as possible a normal price in order to create organized mass in the version where the most perfect form can be explained.

The above definitions also can be understood, the stock exchange organized market groups in an organization, supply and demand at particular times and places encountered in the earthly setting, the exchange of larger extent made it possible, the price of the more general and more normal formation obtained is an institution. In this market, with certain customs and practices are applied, thus becomes very easy to perform commercial transactions.

In this market, without seeing the property for immediate delivery, and without precedent, without paying the money immediately, it is possible to have exchanges. Trading is usually a few words for the decision, property type, price, quantity specifying the characteristics of goods such as phrases, and even sometimes "bought, sold," even as the two words are sufficient.

In others, particularly in the grain market, transactions are made on the samples. A handful of samples, tons of good acting and action undertaken on the basis of this trust occurs. Monetary and foreign exchange to the exchanges that neither he nor the samples of the goods to be found. Although it may be possible to have too big of trading.

National and local levels, further expansion of the region and the country's economic structure, which occupies an important position in the stock markets, are under state control. Government, realizing this control through various mechanisms.

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