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Process of Democracy ...
02 December 2009 Wednesday 00:00 Print
Turkey, the world's changing conditions, needs to adapt in a conjuncture where the process is living.

"Everything is the beginning of democracy" we are living by accepting this process can be substantially under control by holding the pass, and our goals we can reach a maximum extent, and our achievements will increase, and our place in the world stage will increase ...

Therefore, all the rules of democracy and institutions and work to make the first rule we need to recover from the non-ward. In recent years, the government's efforts and the steps at the base of this idea creates old conviction.

For everyone, full and fair democracy to ensure the quality and content of the Constitution and Turkey, where geography and has the natural advantage of the most efficient and best use, the organization of our republic in 1 development world's top 10 countries will be able to call into .

However, as we have in this process by checking with the best evaluation is able to achieve this.

This is the path and method, this will show on the road in efforts to discrimination from the ruling-opposition has set out to serve to the people is to show all of the politicians.

Because of this process is intended to full democracy can be kept under control, in a healthy way to target
Go to requests by the opposition in the position of power is also important.

Turkey now, and also revealed that not only the opposition criticized the approach has to distinguish itself. This understanding, perhaps a century to life with the way the Republic can be obtained so far has prevented a lot more gains. Reduce obstacles to democracy, with the drop through grows develops.
Living in Turkey and these countries are connected by bonds of citizenship to everyone, primarily for the development of democracy, the duty is required to satisfy the maximum extent. Otherwise, democracy and defense of others Leaving next yaşacaklarımız process, not unlike those experienced in the past.

Now, take lessons from the past and future "full democracy for everyone," he is regarded as the period.

Process of this period and point to a good and deserving ones Let's meet.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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