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09 September 2013 Monday 09:51 Print
In the past days; much debated, but for the most part positive support, "to open the pit of hell to heaven", he used a phrase. Considered to be done in the Tonya said, even though, in General, due to the cement factory of Trabzon, natural beauties, all that can be granted by human interventions, it was one sentence in order to be able to express my point losses.

Wildlife awareness very late move in our country, which is in the Centre of Trabzon, on the Black Sea and its coast in the East still has the structure of a relatively untouched land. When entering the sea at the beach, the mountains and the plateau 1,000 altitudes in 30 minutes you will be able to access this terrain, providing a variety of tourism as one way or another so far could not be destroyed, too.

It's no longer escape from the crowds, on his own today, and those who prefer to relax away from the stress of being nested in nature, ideal for environments. There is therefore a natural structure destruction and Hi yaylalarımızın would lead to the return on investments, no matter what you need to do. Because, increasingly polluted and starting to dry in the world due to global warming, and the Eastern Black Sea town of Trabzon is like heaven for the largest natural structure and foliage, future investment, the most valuable asset. That's why this paradise corner disrupt the ecological balance of places, it's going to be all kinds of audio and Visual pollution is the reason why we say hell intervention. Besides, a little more inland to the entrance on a barren land, there is no reason for such facilities in accordance with the cement factory.

As we expressed in the first place, due to global warming the world's vegetation and naturalness of the longest period between segments is shown in the Centre of Trabzon, the Eastern Black Sea to protect, also has historical monuments attract the attention of more and more local and foreign tourists. In addition to the coastal band for this accommodation facilities inland wood construction with only eating, drinking, sleeping, not serving all kinds of sporting and social activities, and that allows the plant to be built in the accommodation centres that host site.

Local people by raising awareness of tourism service technician must be yaygınlaştırılıp, Highland homes. Especially hot from Arab tourists from flocking in these places interest given that, which was one of the best of today's and future investments is not difficult to predict one.

However, all these are not, as in the past, as a recovery on real tourism master plan, it must be passed to the application without compromise. Otherwise, their hands into this paradise corner locations we would never do that, hell-holes right there.

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