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For US, the 3T.
18 February 2013 Monday 09:50 Print
For us, 3T, Turkey Trabzon, Trabzon and Trade Exchange. Looking at the performance of this 3T 2012yılı, Turkey and Trabzon babaeski commercial exchange is greater than the pros. He drove around the stone thrown into the water to 2012, just like us like to start from the Trabzon Trade Exchange to the public.

The annual exports of 150 billion dollars in Turkey, Trabzon and running a fındığınözel. This property is a number of Trabzonve in Turkey's exports of hazelnuts. Number one being nuts, single başınanet currency is the most winning export. Because she has no entry, no import of hazelnuts and therefore approximately 1.5 billion dolarlıkihracatta is located on the top of the list drawn on the net basamadığında. About 40 percent of exports of the nuts such as Enüst step share with the first sıradabulunan at the beginning of the provinces Trabzon Turkey exports in net currency winner.

This table and figures to be the external ticaretinintümünün the nuts such as Turkey, how much zenginleşebileceğimiz. As the stock market here, with this reality is at each stage from the tüketiciyekadar hazelnut stable policies for monitoring in an effort to be what we are, gerekiyorsayapmanın. Nuts to just be achieved by increasing yield and quality, fiyatlaolmadığını, show-quality hazelnut project 2012. Our experience in the past has played successfully the project control uygulanabilmesinde etkinrol vesektörde.

The goal of the project is now capitalized and Turkey throughout the yayılmasıiçin preparation. Depending on our stock exchange not only allergic to something in the field, particularly to recognizing all items priority çayolmak with Trabzonve for the solution of problems of Turkey has shown the effort falling over.However, the law promoting employment Decree No. sağladığıavantajların of Trabzon 2013 would bring unemployment problem solution with the disappearance, does not reward the continuation of the biggest social problem of unemployment to be quite thought provoking. is in Trabzon, this law must necessarily tough act.

Turkey, a very lively and busy agenda 2012 geridebırakmıştır. We hope that the lack of this busy agenda in 2013, this development has gained speed and decent money olacakise wealth increasing priority recognition.
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