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Fishing increase as our culture
10 January 2011 Monday 00:00 Print

Humanity has faced in recent years, with a huge dilemma. The rapidly increasing number of people in the world, unfortunately, leave the food sources to feed this population to rise at the same speed, gradually running out.

Among these, the world is covered by water part of a three-fourths of the productions that we think we see the sea and fresh waters. In particular, as well as urbanization and industrialization brought pollution, overfishing and the decline in production efficiency of water resources poses major problems.

3 sides are surrounded by seas, inland waters are rich compared to many countries around the world in terms of the resources of our country, unfortunately, almost all of the negativity that I mentioned are affected.

Trabzon Commodity Exchange as a large part of our effort in spite of nuts, and tea form, adhering to these products just do not do social policies and studies. Other topics of interest in our region and our city are trying to contribute to the extent we can.

That will be a development by accepting all the social, cultural and economic issues for our studies, the Eastern Black Sea and in aquaculture, especially in our city decided to apply such a project.

Funded jointly by the European Union and our country, "Youth Employment Grant Program" grow the industry in need of qualified personnel by increasing the yield and quality, aiming to provide support to the production of fish in a significant deficit yüklendik responsibility for this project.

Our project will be "First, young people, and then increase as the culture of fish in the name of" This is the reason for us to also. Leaving only the resources of production can not increase the yield and quality work. This man's hand, and have qualified people to touch his hand.

We have this obligation by setting out a joint fishing area and support for such a contribution to the project by giving in all areas, aimed to increase the yield and quality.

God willing, will be together again, and when the project was completed with positive results by evaluating the share again.

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