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5084 Should be Extended
30 October 2009 Friday 00:00 Print
As you know, Encouragement Law numbered 5084 will end on December 31, 2009.

Taking place in our country and the world economic crisis that affected the effective yet resolve the question in a process can not be encouraged to continue the functions of law, especially businesses and the addition of a new army of unemployed is a major contribution.

The law is applied is located between the 49 provinces in Trabzon is still working more than 30 thousand of these laws have provided the advantages and incentives are employed.

Despite difficulties caused by economic crisis Sunday, despite difficult conditions in the enterprises to continue production.

Therefore, the question of the law No. 5084, the economy of the negative yet not eliminated or taken into consideration by at least 1 more year, ie December 31, 2010 until the date of extension, close to the business of the new addition and not be in the army of unemployed also increased participation is not compulsory to believe.

Unemployment figures as well as frightening dimensions of social explosions that caused a process that might lead to the participation of the unemployed in the army of new applications is always to be avoided. Law No. 5084 also is one of them is not removed.

Law No. 5084 of the subject instead of law encourage the industry to fully function until you perform maintenance primarily responsible for providing social justice to which the state will relax everyone, the effects of crises more easily and will contribute to quick fix.
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