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02 January 2013 Wednesday 14:05 Print
A busy agenda in almost every area of Turkey, left behind in 2012. What we hope is that the intense agenda of issues resolved in 2013.

Since 2002, holds the power of Parliament to legislate with the formation of the political stability, efficient operation of Turkey to every area of impetus. From time to time in the last 10 years, even if the past habits of depreşmiş it is not possible to underestimate the gains.

Specifically, the agenda of the Assembly for many years, the interests of the community to the extent permitted by law, up to the implementation of each area by subtracting the müteşebbisleri they can see them off at the guts. The law should enhance these achievements obtained as partial basis. It is essential to the Turkish Cypriot community in Turkey, and a Constitution worthy of life.

the New Constitution movement launched in 2012 regardless of the intensity of the agenda was, or stripped of their dignity. However, in 2012, the new Constitution is a very good time to be used. This loss in 2013 and is essential to a modern Constitution to Turkey. This Parliament needs to do is historical and is the biggest task.

The geography of variable and dynamic with the Turkey, inside and out, from time to time, difficult to control, and maximum effort to deal with the issues and that it is connected to these issues. A significant portion of the konjektür requirement of external in solving problems Turkey is necessarily important tasks. Requires the presence and responsibility from it already. We hope that in 2013, especially as the world waits for the sequel of events occurring in the South, giving peace and peace.

Analysis of the problems in a positive contribution to the outside, because it will, and despite the economic crisis in the world development movement in every field Turkey positive acceleration. The date that the presence and power of the human from the Turkey.

New year in all areas of development to create a top level run the movement we wish happy birthday to Turkey.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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