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  • Provide effective and efficient manner prescribed by the legislation of all services.

  • Research, development activities, conducting, production, improve efficiency, enhance the diversity of regional products..

  • 100% satisfaction level and to provide services in such a way that the continuity of the member to identify and meet the needs and expectations. .

  • Such as transparency and accountability in management approaches to maximize confidence in relations with the members.

  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provide, at the highest level to take advantage of information technologies. .

  • Social responsibility, stakeholder collaboration and projects prepared by the macro-region, to contribute to economic and social development, .

  • Due to the location and the role of the public, the private sector and civil society organizations to create synergy by bringing together in line with the common interests of the region, establishing strategic partnerships with interested parties to develop competencies necessary Manufacturers develop projects. .

  • All of these activities, the principles of total quality in the development of the employees, supporting management with an understanding of contemporary perform within the framework of the Corporate Governance Principles.


  • Position of the key members of the development, institutionalization and the process of creating a competitive advantage, giving all kinds of support.

  • Sustainable economic and social development, making.

  • Due to the role of regional development.

  • And guiding the process of determining the effective economic and social policies,.

  • The largest shareholders in the regulation of the markets,.

  • Adopted by the relevant actors as a role model, Each area represents the highest level members,

  • Services in accordance with the needs and expectations of members, shaping.

  • Contemporary Management with a sense of being trusted and respected stock market ...

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