01 February 2010 Monday 00:00 Print
Female flowers carnations in hazelnut that has become fully mature. Male flowers with the other name of dust spreading püslerde the flowers began to be light.

Though they are not particularly gently blowing rain in the hazelnut orchards windy day a gauzy pale begin to appear. This, with yellow flowers, wind, dust and extreme reach and fertilize the carnation is a sign would start. ..

How beautiful weather this month passed, how much pollen and fertilization reaches of flights and carnations matter how good those years may be in the product is so abundant.

To get a good product and certainly plenty of good nutrition should be fertilized carnations. For this, burnt to the farm yard manure should be given, from that point. 3-4 years of farm manure is used in an environment immersed in the monitoring of quarry drop (under the full branch) facing up to 25-30 kg and certainly should be given to the soil being mixed with.

It should be remembered that burned a ton 5.5 kg of nitrogen in farm manure, 2.5 kg phosphorus, potassium and other plant nutrients 5,5-6 kg are available, as well as the structure of the soil improves.
In the meantime, began to damage the cone and flows through the winter in the pine cone moth destroying buds are picked by hand for the incineration of cones are quite useful.

A good fertilization; more product, more wins means abundant. Unburned farm fertilizer garden we watch the fertilizer does not see adequate benefits, such as nettles, blackberries should not be forgotten, such as weeds can be infected with.

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